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Not sure what to do once Dr. Herman delivered the news to April and Jackson that their baby has Type II osteogenesis imperfecta, April starts to doubt her beliefs in a just and loving God. Catherine Avery, Jackson’s mother, arrives at Grey Sloan Memorial to comfort her son and daughter-in-law. She suggests that they set a date to induce labor, baptize him, and love him until God takes him. April and Jackson think this is a good idea, but after Dr. Herman puts all the paperwork in front of them, April realizes that this isn’t what she wants. Callie and Bailey help save the life of a woman who was accidentally shot by her husband. Right before going under, she starts to deliver her baby…which she didn’t know she had. Maggie tells Meredith that she can be her friend, and she would love to watch Zola and Bailey so Meredith can visit Derek in D.C. Amelia continues to work with Stephanie on Dr. Herman’s tumor case, and a patient who has gone blind due to a tumor is a patient that provides practice for a surgery that must be completed on Dr. Herman. Although a success, Stephanie’s not sure that it was ethical to practice on a living person. April tells Jackson that she needs to go back to work, and in doing so, she meets a woman who lost her fiancé in a car wreck. Through their conversation, April finds the strength to induce and have her son, whom she names Samuel Norbert Avery.

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